Adult & Pediatric Dermatology


We enjoy caring for infants, toddlers and children of all ages.  Children’s skin is often more delicate and sensitive, requiring special attention.      Trained in pediatric dermatology, we are very experienced with the skin issues affecting this age group and how to provide the best care.  

We do what we can to avoid unnecessary discomfort by using numbing creams and sprays, and especially tiny needles when needed.  

We will gladly collaborate with your child’s pediatrician, and refer to pediatric plastic surgeons when appropriate.

A dermatology visit is often a great time to get your child’s skin checked, and to get them started on a good path towards healthy skin for the rest of their lives.  Also, we often take clinical photos of moles to help us monitor them over time.

The more common things we see children for are




Warts & Molluscum


As board certified dermatologists, we specialize in identifying and treating more than 3,000 conditions involving the skin, hair, and nails.   

The more common things that we see and treat from day to day are

Acne, Rosacea, and related conditions

Growths that are bothersome (moles, cysts, skin tags)

Sun damaged skin and skin cancer

Rashes (eczema and psoriasis)

Warts and other infections

Hair problems

Cosmetic issues


We are pleased to offer a light-based treatment called Photodynamic Therapy for the effective clearing of precancerous sun-damage spots.   

Visit  Photodynamic Light Therapy for Sun Damage Spots

PDT light

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